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History of the Dowham And Clackclose Conservation Club

The Club was founded in 1890, being just a room for cards, dominoes, draughts etc. and was situated where is now the Norfolk Kitchen Cafe in High Street. In 1902 it moved to premises in Bridge Street where is now Catours Travel Agency. In 1904 another move was made to the Market Place to premises which are now Smiths Cleaners and Town Council Offices. There were two billiards tables and the Steward was Mark Richards.

The present premises were acquired in November 1909 and a billiards room was added subsequently. Loans had to be raised, and the paying off process was a protracte one; in fact the debts where not cleared until 1945 when the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting record that the members were afterwards entertained by the Committee to commemorate the fact that the Club Funds were free of debt for the first time in its history.

The Steward in 1911 was a Mr. Sells, but in 1913 Mrs Allen took over, and remained in charge until 1930 when it was decided to have a bar. It so happened that Mrs Allen's son Fred Boothby was leaving the Royal Navy at that time, and he was appointed Club Steward in May 1930.

In 1948 it was decided to develop land at the Paradise Road end of the property as a bowling green. This had formerly been let as a nursery garden.

Fred and Adeline Boothby retired in August 1965.