Your Committeeeeee!

Sorry if that sounds a bit like the Wheeltappers and Shunters Social (acknowledgements to Colin Crompton!)
Start again!

Dear Member
Your Committee, the Downham and Clackclose Conservative Club Committee has decided that we should send a monthly newsletter out after each Committee Meeting to keep members. informed about what is happening at the Club. We have recently updated our website and hope members will find it useful.
In addition to the email, we will post it on the website

The first thing to say is that we have survived. Sadly, not all out members have. We thank those that have passed on for the happy memories and legacy they left us. It is however not just lives that have been effected. If we look at what has happened in Downham things have changed. We have lost the Castle, the Cock Tavern, the Downham Club and may be the Swan as well. We have only survived because we had good cash reserves built up by our previous members.

We made a considerable trading loss on the year and as we move forward the Committee is considering how we can redress this and maximise the opportunities of being one of much fewer hospitality providers in town.

We see ourselves as a quiet haven in the centre of a thriving quintessentially English town. (Apologies for not being Woke!) Somewhere for members to relax and enjoy reasonably priced good quality food and drink in a tranquil environment. Where there is a varied entertainment programme in a warm and friendly environment. Where people feel safe.

Food and drink are our main source of income. It is essential we get this right.
We are pleased to announce we have a new Chef Anita Foster. Please have a look at the website. She has put up an introductory menu but will develop this as time goes on. She would welcome comments and suggestions of how we can make things better.

The committee is investing in new kitchen equipment as well as replacing the dishwasher and renewing the flooring in the kitchen. Hygiene and cleanliness are our top priority. We want to keep our 5 star Hygiene Certificate rating.

We want to get people back into the club. Last year we did not collect any subscriptions. We were not open for half the year. We decided this year that we would reduce Subscriptions to £20 joining fee and £20 as an annual fee. Hopefully this will attract new members as well as getting existing members to rejoin and pay subscriptions. ( Not-so subtle hint to remind you these are now due!)
We intend to run a monthly dance including refreshments in the price. (Except in June, July and August)We have a volunteer to be our entertainment Supremo. He will be announcing the programme at the AGM and on the website .

The bowls clubs are thriving and we have agreed to them increasing their toilet facilities as their numbers have increased.

We want to make 2022 the year when Downham and Clackclose Conservative Club re-emerges as the venue of choice for discerning market town folk. Change is upon us and we need to adapt with it.

On a sadder note we are sorry to announce the demise of Ronnie Barker’s till. The advent of chip and pin card machines and contactless payment means we need to look at new systems. One which can record the differing VAT rates and varying excise duties. The Committee will be considering purchasing an EPOS system. This is not an injection for iron deficiency . It is Electronic Point of Sale. Members have a card to enter the club which works if subscriptions are paid, as items are purchased they feed into the computer where the accounting system which sorts out the VAT etc and links to stock control. Members can if they do wish load the card with money so that it pays their bill. All singing all dancing. You just hope it doesn’t go wrong. If it does go through then this could mean the end of our fobs.
We will keep you updated.

Your Committee