Downham and Clacklose Conservative Club
Downham and Clackclose Conservative Club
Newsletter No 3 July 2023

Kitchen News
Please note that there will be a change in the kitchen arrangements after 24th July. Linda and Laura have given up the franchise and the Club will be taking it back, under Marion’s guidance. Thank you to Linda and Laura for the work they have done since last June, and the Club wishes them all the best for the future.
We will be employing a chef (Glen Roberts) full time in a few weeks, up to that point light meals will be served at lunchtime and during the evening, plus any outstanding catering commitments will be covered by the Club. Please check the website for opening times.
The Sunday Carvery will be available from 30th July, please book to ensure your place.
Afternoon Teas will soon be available, and special food nights are also planned. Please speak to Marion for further information.

Open the Box
Congratulations to John Glover who won £1291 in our latest draw.
The good news is that the demand for tickets means that the new Open the Box starts with £500 in the kitty. 1st draw Friday 21st July. Every second Friday thereafter.

Entry Cards
Lyn Thorpe tells me the backlog has been cleared and there are a large number of cards awaiting collection at the bar. Please use these or your fob to gain entry to the club.

Upcoming Events
Wed 26th Jul – Coach trip to Spalding
Sat 29th July – KJ & the Catt.
Sun 30th July – Karaoke
Sat 26th Aug – Class Act.
Sat 9th Sept – Travis Graham.
Sat 7th Oct – Tony G.
Sat 28th Oct Sidewalk (Halloween Party.)
Sat 11th Nov – Johnny Flinton.
Sat 25th Nov – Carnaby Sounds
Sat 16th Dec – KJ & the Catt_
Tue 31st Dec – Class Act.

 Next Committee Meetings
Finance Committee 14th August 7.15 p.m.
Main Committee 21st August 7.15 p.m.

Chelmsford Races
We are hoping to arrange a trip to Chelmsford Races on August 31st. Leaving Downham at 10.30 a.m. Leaving Chelmsford at 6pm. Please see the notice on the club noticeboard.

Ion Works
Building and premises
Sadly, our building has reached an age when a considerable amount of work needs to be undertaken. The new Committee had a survey completed last year and this highlIghted a number of areas where urgent work was necessary. Not only to preserve the fabric of the building but also to remain within the law. We set aside £40 000 into a Renovation Fund from our savings.

Immediate repairs were required to some of the external walls and the chimney stack. As this is a listed building k we were required to seek planning permission and produce a Heritage Statement in order to lower the chimney stack to make it safe again.

We have replaced all the fire doors in order to comply with the H & S assessment and again to remain legal.

We have painted the rear exterior of the club and repaired a number of windows. We have also painted the interior of most of the Club. This involved replacing boards and artex in various areas. We undertook an electrical survey of the whole club to comply with legal requirements. This highlighted a number of failings which we have remedied. We have undertaken considerable electrical work in the club. We have put motion censors in the toilets and energy saving lights in the hall.

We recognised that it was not just the building which needed updating. We have refurbished all the chairs in the club and put up new curtains in the Function Room. Last year we completed a number of other improvements which included the door entry system which is linked to the tills and increased the CCTV coverage.

We see these improvements as necessary things not only to bring the building up to date but also to ensure that we comply with current legislation. For us it is crucial we retain the club atmosphere and the quality of service our members deserve.

Club Flat
We said in a previous newsletter that we intended to let the flat as a source of income for the club. In order to get a landlord’s electrical certificate, we needed to replace the archaic wiring in the flat and ensure it was separately metered. We also needed to redecorate all of the flat and bring industrial cleaners in so as to make the flat ready to let.

We see this as a long-term investment. The first few years of income will be spent paying back the investment and thereafter funding further improvements. The rent we receive from the flat will be paid into the Renovation Fund.

We want to be able monitor how the bar and club are doing without being sidetracked by the amount we are having to spend on the building. At the moment, six months into the year, if you extract the renovation amount we have spent on the building, we have made £3000 profit