Newsletter 2: March 2022

We have decided to email the monthly newsletter out to all Members as well as putting it on the website. We have updated our mailing list and hope everyone is receiving this. We are leaving copies in the Club as well.

Special General Meeting:
It was good to see so many Members in the Club. The vote of no confidence in the Committee narrowly failed to meet the three/ fourths majority and was, therefore, not carried. However, the Committee have been made aware that they need to communicate more effectively with Members and need to sort the issues out relating to the Stewardship of the Club and the catering. We trust this is a first step in addressing the communication issue and we are actively seeking a solution to the other issues.

Financial Position:
We reported at the SGM that the Club had a trading deficit of £54 000 last year. As agreed at the SGM, we are updating members on a monthly basis of the financial situation.
This month our income was £13201 and our expenditure was £14936. A monthly deficit of £1735. We did, however, have to purchase a new commercial dishwasher and water softener which cost £2554 with installation.

Fabric of the Building:
We have used our Club in Bridge Street since 1909. The building itself is a lot older than that and is a listed building. The building has lasted well, but things are beginning to deteriorate. We are presently having to undertake some emergency roof repairs and we know there are other things which need doing. We will be replacing flooring in the kitchen and behind the bars. We intend to have a building survey undertaken. We will then draw up a list of repairs and maintenance requirements. This will need to be prioritised and budgeted for. We will need to look carefully at costs and it may be that we need to go to our savings. We will update you after the survey.

Electronic Tills and Swipe Card Entry System:
As reported in last month’s newsletter, the Committee heard from two companies about the advantages such items would bring to the Club. We have seen another company and will keep you informed when we have more details. If you have not renewed, you will need to do so in order to gain entry.

If you lose or break your fob then these can be replaced, but we will charge a fee of £5 for this. Faulty fobs will be replaced free of charge.

Applications for Membership:
In order to comply with Data Protection Legislation, it was agreed that we would no longer request details of applicants’ professions. We needed also to inform applicants that their address and details would be published on the noticeboard for seven days. The Committee agreed that, going forward, there would be no need for a letter to accompany an application form and that being proposed and seconded by two Members was sufficient.

The Committee approved 40 new applications for membership this month. In the last three months we have approved 87 new Members. We have a total of 556 paid up Members plus our Life Members.

We are grateful to Kipper Thorpe for arranging the monthly dances.
19th March Jump the Trax

23rd April Johnny Flinton
28th May Travis Graham
3rd June K J and the CATT
17th September Tony G
22nd October Class Act
26th November K J and the CATT
31st December Andy York

Catering Contract
Unfortunately we will not be serving meals until further notice.
We will be advertising for a new catering contract. If you know anyone who would like to apply, please contact our Secretary Brenda Dent.

Annual General Meeting:
This is scheduled for 30th March 2022. Please watch the Club Notice Board for details of nominations and the agenda.