Downham and Clackclose Conservative Club

Newsletter No 6  Oct 2022

Club Steward
Kate Vickerstaff who has been our Steward has decided to leave. We wish her and her family all the best for the future. In light of our financial situation, the committee are considering a number of options: should we appoint another steward living on the premises or should we appoint a bar manager and let out the flat. We are happy with the staffing we have at the moment and the takings are up. We are particularly grateful to Dave Wilkinson who is acting as our licensee and all our other staff who have taken on additional shifts.

Financial Position
In the last newsletter we alerted you to our financial situation.  The committee established a Finance sub committee to report on the measures we should take. On Monday 3rd October the main Committee agreed the following recommendations from the subcommittee

We are introducing stringent monitoring of when we employ staff, which will be linked to our lettings. This will be reviewed  by the Secretary and Vice Chairman on a weekly basis and the Finance subcommittee at its meeting. 

Energy Costs
The government has capped business energy costs for 6 months. We were fearful of being confronted with bills of £50000 per annum. We now estimate that this year the bill will be £32000. This is at least 4 times as much as we paid last year. 
We are looking at where we can make savings. We will replace all bulbs with LED lights.  We will connect the toilet lights to motion sensors. We will isolate parts of the building so that heating is only used when the room is booked. We will install separate meters in the flat. (Subject to cost). Our worry is what happens after the 6 month energy cap is lifted.

Fruit Machine
We will install a fruit machine in the bar. This will be at no cost to the club and we will get 60% of the profits. If the machine pays out vouchers which are exchanged at the bar for cash then we are not liable for gaming tax. We hope this will bring in extra income. 

Price increases
We have seen brewery prices increase by 5.77% and our energy costs have rocketed. All our suppliers have increased their prices. The committee agreed to a price rise of 5% across the board on bar prices. This will come into effect on 1st November.

The Committees agreed
Increase small room from £10 to £15 hour. To increase the price of hiring the hall from £60  to £100 a session with concessionary rate of £80 for members. 
The committee agreed ton retain the lower rate where hirers are providing a community service
(e.g.Retinal Screening and Low Vision Club)

Repairs and Maintenance
The committee set up another sub committee tasked with drawing up a schedule of repairs and maintenance items and arranging to get them done. This consists of Chris Thorpe Ken Castle and Steve Cobbin..

Membership and Subscriptions
The Committee agreed to raise annual subscriptions. As one of these is a donation to a political party we are obliged to publish these. This will be on the website. 
Annual Single Membership £25
Payable to 
Local Conservative Association £1.50 
To Club £19.58
Vat  £3.92
New Single Membership £45
Payable to
Local Conservative Association £1.50 
To Club£36.25
Vat  £7.25
Joint Membership £40
Payable to 
Local Conservative Association £3
To Club £30.83
Vat  £6.17
New Joint  Membership £60
Payable to 
Local Conservative Association £3
To Club £47.50
Vat  £9.50

15th October 7.30pm Johnny Flinton.
22nd October: 7.30pm Class Act.
5th November Pie and Mash Night. Plus Entertainment
11th  November 7.30pm Horse Race Night
26th November: 7.30pm K J and the CATT.
12th December 3pm: Karaoke
31st December: Andy York.

Addition to Autumn Entertainment Programme
Beer Tasting Session 4th November 12pm to 3pm