Downham and Clacclose Conservative Club
Newsletter No 2 April 2023
Annual General Meeting

The meeting was held on 29th March. There were 33 members present. introduction Vice President Ken Castle
Welcomed members and stated that this had been a difficult year for the club as we recovered from the sanctions imposed by Covid. He outlined how people were returning we now had 800 members and each month we were getting 20 more members . Along with the rest of the hospitality industry times were bleak as the Treasurer would report. It was only because of our good reserves that we had survived. Staffing and catering were now stable. The club was starting to thrive. Things were looking positive.He thanked the Officers for their work. Particularly Lyn Thorpe our entertainment Secretary and Brenda Dent our Secretary.

Minutes of last years meeting were read and approved,
Brenda Dent gave the Secretary and Treasurer’s Reports
We had nearly had a complete change of staffing. She offered thanks to Dave Wilkinson who had acted as licensee to see us through very trying times.
She outlined how the club had attempted to communicate more with members via the newsletters, website and Facebook.
She thanked the committee for their assistance during the year and particularly the Chairman Chris Thorpe for all his endeavours.
As Treasurer she reported on a £23275 loss. Energy costs had risen to £23800 from £6300 in the previous year. The club had spent a lot on maintenance. Our loss would have been higher were it not for a VAT refund initiated by Christine Walter and Roy Daynes plus the interest we earned on our reserves £295 077.
The report was accepted and our Auditors reappointed.

Chris Thorpe gave the Chairman’s Report.
He paid tribute to our new caterers Linda and Laura.
He thanked our new Bar Manager Marion who he said had transformed the atmosphere. He thanked the bar staff and John Glover the groundsman.
He then outlined the building work which had been done and more importantly what still needed to be done. Still awaiting completion. Chimney (subject to planning permission) redecoration, recovering and refurbishing furniture. Lots of electrical work was needed to conform with the safety survey we had plus work on the flat. The committee intend to rent this as a source of income. Considerable expenditure was required to isolate the energy system and make it compliant for renting.
Chris thanked the Officers and Committee and recorded his thanks to the Secretary for her sterling work.

Election Results
President: David Tuck, Vice President: Ken Castle, Chair: Chris Thorpe (Kipper), Vice Chair: Anne Buckley, Entertainment Secretary: Lyn Thorpe. Secretary and Treasurer: Brenda Den6
Committee members are David Wilkinson, Mark Garner, Phil Matten, Andrew Buckley, Jayne Webb, Jerry Rose, (Elected to 2025)
Robin Baldwin, Pat Lynskey and Steve Cobbin. (Existing Committee members. Term of office concludes 2024)

Committee Meeting 3rd April
The Committee agreed to establish a Finance and Personnel Committee. Terms of Reference were agreed, Update on progress with maintenance was received.The Secretary updated the Committee on Finance issues. The increase in bar sales was noted.

The Bar Manager outlined the activities which would be organised in Carnival week. It was agreed a Darts Team could use the club on Wednesday evenings. All teams using the club needed to be members.(bowls and darts). Away teams to be signed in. Bingo now running on Tuesdays. Entertainment programme now expanding. Entertainment Secretary and Bar Manager thanked. (see below)

Proposal from Roy Daynes (past President and Christine Walker ( Pas Secretary) that Cllr Tony White be offered Life Membership for the work he has done for the Conservative Party and the Town, Agreed. Also Letter to be sent by Secretary to Roy Daynes congratulating him on his appointment as Treasurer of The South West Norfolk Conservative Constituency Association.

The announcement that Lloyds bank was to close and its ramifications for the town and the club. President to write to Liz Truss and Councillors. Members are requested to write as well. Our concern is that the new banking hub is centrally located, accessible and open throughout the week.